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  Rajasthan Rana Udai Singh history  
  Rana Udai Singh (1542-72)

During his childhood Udai Singh was twice saved in extraordinary circumstances. First he was smuggled out of Chittor before the sack by the Sultan of Gujarat. Then, to save him from his uncle Banbir who was regent and wished to usurp the throne, his faithful nurse Panna Dai substituted her own baby in the royal cradle. Her child was slain, but Panna escaping with the baby prince made her way to Kumbalgarh fort, where Udai was brought up. Banbir was killed by palace intrigue and Udai Singh was restored to the throne.

It was during Udai's reign that the Moghul Emperor Akbar besieged Chittor (1568). The Rana left the fort to be defended by his brave vassal chiefs, Jaimal and Patta, fifteen year old lads. Akbar was victorious. The Rajputs having seen their women and children immolated, died fighting. Chittor never recovered from this third attack and Udai Singh built his new capital at Udaipur.

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