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  Rajasthan Rana Sanga history  
  Rana Sanga (1509-1527)

Rose to be the greatest king of Mewar. During his rule Mewar reached the pinnacle of her glory. He extended his kingdom, defeated the Lodhi kings of Delhi several times and was acknowledged by all the Rajput clans as the leading prince of Rajasthan.

Sanga had to face a new and powerful invader in the Moghul Babar, a descendant of Timur the Mongol. In 1526 Babar invaded India and defeated Ibrahim Lodhi, Sultan of Delhi. In the face of this threat the Rajput clans united under Rana Sanga in a Rajput confederacy but the superior artillery of the Moghul prevailed against the cavalry charges of the Rajputs. At Kanuha, near Bharatpur in 1527, Babar defeated Sanga and the Rajput confederacy, and this victory established a new era in the history of India. The Moghul period dawned.

Rana Bikirarnjeet

The second sack of Chittor (1536) took place during his reign, Bahadur Shah, Sultan of Gujarat, attacked the fort. The infant heir to the throne, Udai Singh, was smuggled out of the fort before it fell.

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